ATP: Powering science to save the world

        We partner with the inventors creating the future

Results matter:

4 exits and counting from our first fund. Remaining firms all tracking upward.

We are a Studio + Fund generating market-leading returns from the complexities of innovation — Solving the R-to-D problem of getting ideas out of the lab and into the market, by focusing on outcomes or Value Pathways, as we call them.

Our mission:

The advancement of science and engineering from the brightest research minds and entrepreneurs into a marketplace approach to innovation, with the goals of both benefitting society and generating sustainable economics for all of our stakeholders.


Fund I


$Million of Cumulative Funding



Years of Venture Experience

$Million of Cumulative Funding

$Billion in Exits




Proto.n Studio Accelerator

The ATP Proto.n Accelerator is our time-tested program for those ideas and startups at the earliest stage of development, lovingly called the “proto-“stage of startup evolution.

Built and iterated on over the 15 past years, Proto.n delivers the bespoke guidance needed at this stage of development.

The Proto.n Program is tailored to match the needs of a range of startup species, whether from national labs, university research, corporate R&D groups, or the garage, including:

      • STUDENTS

Venture Fund

ATP is an early-stage venture capital organization changing the way research-borne innovations impact the world.
We are more old-school and contrarian than today’s typical VC – we look far and wide for scientific entrepreneurs working on difficult problems and we partner with them early (sometimes at formation via Proto.n).
We are rapidly expanding our platform of interconnected resources with the mission of creating tangible value from the brightest, yet most underserved minds in society, solving “Grand Challenge” problems.

Software may be “eating the world”, but it is engineering and science that is going to save it.

The ATP team brings together the critical components of the Research-to-Development (R-to-D) ecosystem, specifically:

      • INNOVATORS with national lab, university, and corporate R&D groups;
      • ENTREPRENEURS: both first-time and seasoned executives;
      • INVESTMENT PARTNERS: top-tier VC firms and our own syndication networks;
      • CORPORATIONS: the key stakeholder to ensure Demand meets Supply. This diversity brings value-add from zero to one and beyond.

Impact Themes

Emerging Research (Deep Tech)

Currently reviewing over 140 proto-startups at universities across the US heartland

Empowering Health

From behavioral research (the mind) and innovations in therapeutics & diagnostics (the body) to the practice and delivery of medical treatments (the world), improving health outcomes is paramount

Adaptive Infrastructure

Addressing emerging systems approaches of interconnected infrastructure, focusing on resiliency and sustainability

Enterprise Sustainability

Stakeholder management; Workforce shifts due to machine learning and AI;
Impact of quantum and distributed ledger tech on information security

Example area of focus: US “Freshwater” & Canadian universities receive over $58B of research funding annually yet are severely under utilized by the traditional venture capital industry. ATP works directly with innovators from the early research-translation to later phases, with particular emphasis on Pre-seed (Launch), Seed (Nurture) and Series A (Scale) funding stages. ATP powers the earliest stages of firm development, creating returns for our investors and sustainable impact in target categories such as: economic development in underserved regions and gender-disparity access.


#1 Macro

Early-stage VC continues to outperform, Global cash is still seeking yields, Formation & early-stage is where wealth is created

#2 Limited competition

Overlooked, underserved, and complex markets are ripe for more early-stage venture funding.

#3 Privileged deal flow

Result of team’s long-standing relationships across university-anchored markets, national research labs, and strategic corporate partners

#4 The old normal

Expanded service offering: Following existing best-in-class incubation organizations with our own proven “ATP-Proto.n” acceleration process enhances the resources available to portfolio investments.