ATP: Energy and capital for highly differentiated early-stage companies with clear competitive advantages, diverse teams and deep technology.

4 exits and counting from our first cohort.

We are an early stage firm generating market-leading returns from the complexities of innovation — We see INNOVATION as an emerging ASSET CLASS

Our mission –

The advancement of science and engineering from the brightest research minds and entrepreneurs into a marketplace approach to innovation, with the goals of both benefitting society and generating sustainable economics for all of our stakeholders.

Our Team’s Proven Results

Years of Venture Experience

$Million of Cumulative Funding

$Billion in Exits




About Us

ATP is an early stage venture capital organization changing the way research-borne innovations impact the world. We are not a traditional VC, we are a platform. A platform of interconnected resources with the mission of creating tangible value from the brightest, yet most underserved minds in society.

Example area of focus: US Heartland & Canadian universities receive over $58B of research funding annually yet are severely under utilized by the traditional venture capital industry. ATP works directly with innovators from the early research-translation to later phases, with particular emphasis on Pre-seed (Launch), Seed (Nurture) and Series A (Scale) funding stages. ATP powers the earliest stages of firm development, creating returns for our investors and sustainable impact in such focus areas as: gender-disparity access and economic development in underserved regions.

The ATP team brings together the critical components of the Research-to-Development (R-to-D) ecosystem, specifically:

  • INNOVATORS with national lab, university, and corporate R&D groups;
  • ENTREPRENEURS: both first-time and seasoned executives;
  • INVESTMENT PARTNERS: top-tier VC firms and our own syndication networks;
  • CORPORATIONS: the key stakeholder to ensure Demand meets Supply. This diversity brings value-add from zero to one and beyond.

Where We Look

Emerging Research Technologies

Currently over 140 proto-startups at universities across the US heartland


Behavioral research, Biomedical Technologies, Bioinformatics / Computational biology, Nanotechnologies, Devices (Dx and Tx), Proteomics / Genomics, and Women’s health


Materials science, Energy – Alternative & Traditional, Infrastructure, Transportation

Enterprise Innovation

AI & cognitive computing, blockchain, 3D printing & imaging, online commerce, supply chain/logistics

Why Now?

#1 Macro Trends

Early-stage VC continues to outperform, Global cash is still seeking yields, Formation & early-stage is where wealth is created

#2 Limited Competition for deals

Overlooked, underserved, and complex markets are ripe for more early-stage venture funding.

#3 Privileged deal flow

Result of team’s long-standing corporate & university & national research lab relationships

#4 Expanded Service Offering

Following existing “best-in-class” incubation organizations with our own proven “ATP-Activation” acceleration process enhances the resources available to portfolio investments.