ATP Fund – Early-stage venture in transformative technologies

Our Team’s Proven Results

Cumulative Years of VC Experience
Companies Invested
Millions Invested
Billion Realized
M&A Exits
Early-stage Venture

Where We Look

Emerging University Technologies

Currently over 140 proto-startups at universities across the US heartland


AI & cognitive computing, blockchain, 3D printing & imaging, online commerce, supply chain/logistics

Life Sciences & Medical Devices

Smart Health, Biomedical & Biological Technologies, Bioinformatics, Biosensors, Biocompatible materials, Computational biology, Behavioral research, Nanotechnologies, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Devices, Proteomics / Genomics

Infrastructure / Greentech

Materials science, Energy – Alternative & Traditional, Infrastructure, Transportation

Why Now?

VC has right-sized, Global cash is seeking yields, Formation & early-stage is where wealth is created
US Heartland markets are ripe for more early-stage venture funding
Result of team’s long-standing university & national research lab relationships
Following “best-in-class” incubation process enhances the resources available to portfolio investments

Why Companies Want To Work With Us

The ideal match
We focus on early stage
Similarities among our companies
How we want you to pitch
How we decide
We do our homework